Linen Hire

There are many reasons you may be living in a home or apartment for only a few months at a time. For travellers on holiday booking a vacation rental or for students living abroad, these living situations have become increasingly common. If this applies to you, you’ll likely find yourself needing some necessary home comforts such as bedding and linen both quickly and cheaply. At AA Rental, we provide furniture and appliance packages and linen hire that is ideal for those renting for six months or less.

Moving into any new space, even for a few months, can be a stressful experience. This can be made even more of a hassle if you are trying to move bulky furniture or other items, or are searching in stores for one-off purchases, such as bedding or linen, that you may want to sell later when you move again. That’s why AA Rental helps remove the hassle of moving into a new place through our furniture packages and linen hire.

When it comes to obtaining bedding and linen, you have several options. You can either rent a bed, complete with mattress, sheets, and other bedding in a variety of sizes, or you can opt for our linen packs priced by the week. Each linen pack contains everything you need to dress a single, double, or king-sized bed. We provide easy and straightforward rental terms for all bedding and linen hire, ranging from one to six months.

Why lose sleep over your next move, when you can rest assured that AA Rental has everything you need to furnish your rental apartment or home? Contact us today to choose the furniture or linen hire package that works for you.

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