Furniture Hire – Brisbane

Why You Should Take Advantage of Furniture Hire in Brisbane instead of Buying Second-hand

If you move between offices frequently as part of your job, you may be required to become accustomed to new settings annually. Plus, while your employer might subsidise the cost of rent, bills, and work expenditures, they might not cover evening entertainment, food, and furniture. It’s not cheap to fully furnish an apartment with new items and appliances, and then there are the costs of transporting everything to a new place when you relocate. To somewhere offset said expense, you might decide to buy second-hand furnishings, but if you’d rather have high quality, you should consider furniture hire in Brisbane.


Rental companies keep all their rental furniture in top condition, not only to assure customers of quality but also to comply with safety laws and duties of care. With furniture hire in Brisbane, you can spend a little to enjoy the finer things in life, such as a 42-inch flat screen TV and a comfortable sofa with room for guests. If you buy second-hand stuff, you can’t be sure how the previous owner treated it or whether it will last long, and you’ll have to either sell it all or transport it when your tenancy ends.


At AA Rental, we provide a top tier furniture rental service in Brisbane for those who don’t want to spend a significant lump sum of cash on new household items just for a year or less, and we guarantee that everything we stock is of the highest quality. For just $76 per week, you can have a fridge, five-piece dining set, two sofas with space for four, a TV, four beds, and more, and we’ll deliver it all when required and retrieve it when you’ve finished. Contact us today if you need furniture hire in Brisbane.