Fridge Rentals – Brisbane

How Fridge Rentals in Brisbane Can Save You Money

If you’re moving overseas to Brisbane for a year with an employment exchange programme or a working holiday, you might be surprised by how high the rent can be. Apart from rent, you also need to pay food and the bills, and you may need to purchase furniture items such as a fridge even though you’re only staying a short time. Fortunately, thanks to fridge rentals in Brisbane, you can have the appliance you need without making a purchase, and considering fridge rentals cost as little as $10 per week, it can be cheaper to hire than buy one outright.

You can rent much more than just refrigerators in almost every suburb in the city, such as office equipment, flat-screen TVs, and dining furniture to name a few. You can obtain a package to furnish your entire house for less than $80 per week, and if you add up the total cost of everything you’d need to buy to furnish an entire home, you’ll likely find it makes annual rental costs look small. If you purchase furniture, you’ll have to either sell it or find somewhere to keep it when leaving the country, but a rental company will deliver when required and retrieve everything once you’re ready.
If you need cost-effective fridge rentals in Brisbane, you’ve come to the right place. We endeavour to be the most affordable company for furniture rentals in the city, and although we offer high-value prices, we never compromise on the quality of our offering. We maintain all our furnishings and appliances to the highest standards, and we stock top quality products from well-known manufacturers for your peace of mind. Contact us today if you need fridge rentals in Brisbane.